fend interiors Launches Today

As many of you know, interior design has been a passion of mine for many years. Throughout my career, I’ve always had a soft spot for any project that involved designing, revamping or organizing spaces to reflect the style and brand of the company I was working for. In my personal life, I’ve been rearranging furniture, hanging pictures, painting walls and adjusting lighting since I was a kid. I know what looks right when I see it, and this is the part of me that brought me into photography and visual branding. Now, it’s time to evolve once again.

FEND Photography was started in 2009 by Danielle Belden and Michael Chunyk

To me, there’s always been something extremely gratifying about changing a space to make it better. I bought my home, a 1913 Colonial Revival when I was 25 years old, and have dedicated the last five years to restoring, decorating and restyling my own space. Now as I venture into my 30’s, I will be transforming FEND – originally created to be a trendy portrait studio, into an interior styling business.

My focus will be commercial clients who need direction transforming their space to reflect their branding efforts. How often do you have a perception of a company, restaurant or cafe after seeing their logo or advertising only to have a non-congruent experience when you walk through the door? How many companies would benefit from banning cubicle farms and create spaces to facilitate collaboration and creativity? These are all questions I aim to address as I move forward.

I will also be tackling residential projects, helping clients create or restyle their spaces to reflect who they truly are, while prioritizing the design to manifest the things that they want in their lives. It’s my firm belief that one must change their surroundings in order to change one’s life.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in this decision to move forward with the evolution of FEND. It’s going to be a great adventure! Thanks for your support.



5 thoughts on “fend interiors Launches Today

  1. Michael-
    Your inspiration(s) will lead your clients to destinations never dreamed possible……BIG congratulations on your new launch….. go “create masterpieces”!!!!!

  2. Brilliant move! Wishing you all the best in this new endeavor. No doubt your ideas and passion will be a powerful force to the interior decorating world and all seeking your professional and innovative advice. Hope this means seeing you more in Milan — you just missed Vogue’s Fashion Night(s), but Design Week and Fashion Weeks coming up!!!!!

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