about fend

The Evolution of FEND:

Located in western Massachusetts, FEND was started in 2009 as a boutique photography studio providing high-fashion photo shoots for high school seniors who wanted an alternative to their standard contracted school photographer.

Visit FEND Photography’s former blog here: http://fendphotography.wordpress.com/

Taking the essence of style and esthetics, FEND Photography transformed into fend interiors, providing interior style direction and execution for residential and commercial clients, focusing on the psychology behind good design.

The Philosophy of FEND Today:

fend interiors is about helping people reach their goals. No matter who you are or what your aspirations are, you cannot reach your goals until you change your physical space. fend interiors identifies and executes changes in your environment from simple furniture arrangement to a total style over haul. This is about the simple task of changing your space to allow the manifestation of the things you want to see into your life. We all must fend for what we want.”  -Michael Chunyk, Founder

fend interiors is currently accepting new clients and will be launching an official website in late 2012.




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