Pink Done Right

Pink is never easy to pull off. From quelling the fears of the men in the home to incorporating this derivative of red into any space has certainly been a challenge for me. My recommendation is to make the pink work hard for it’s money. Don’t over do the color so it’s assaulting, rather, use a deep hugh as a pop color in a stark white bathroom.

Here, the eye is immediately drown to to this delicious shade of pink set against the cold tile of this posh bathroom.

Since pink is a not-so-distant relative of red, it can inspire femininity and passion while portraying a quiet strength and style.  It’s elegant and gentle while being utterly eye-catching and often daringly avant-garde.

Thanks to VT Interiors for this post, it’s inspiring!

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Not Your Grandmother’s Wall Covering

I am obsessed with creative wall coverings. I once dined at a restaurant in Manhattan with burlap walls. I couldn’t stop touching it, and it gained me a few strange looks from other patrons.

In the home, my enthusiasm for wall coverings is even stronger. From paintable, textured wallpaper to creative coverings like fabric or metal, the possibilities are endless and often affordable.

Last night, I was excited to see that stikwood starting following me on Twitter. If you share a passion for creative covering, you MUST check out their site

stikwood offers high-quality ‘peel-and-stick’ wood paneling. Made in the US, environmentally sustainable and easy to install

As a designer, I am always on the hunt for companies that offer something out-of-the-ordinary at an affordable price. Having just introduced their offerings to the public at Dwell on Design in L.A. in June, I suspect great things for stikwood and look forward to working with them.

Peel and stick backing makes adhering wood planks to a wall quick and easy.

But the fun doesn’t stop at wall coverings. You can use stikwood for other projects as well. Ugly cabinet backs and bland end tables can get a facelift in wood finishes like ‘barn red’ or ‘reclaimed weathered wood’.

For more examples check out their blog here:

Bring Outside In

With our non-existent winter this year, my sage came back with a vengeance in the spring. Cutting herbs right after they flower is not only good for the plant, but makes any room smell amazing.

A great way to transform your mood in any given room is to simply add fresh flowers or even herbs. It focuses your attention on something beautiful, which is proven to reduce stress. It’s also is a quick way to add color and fragrance.


Kick it up with Color

Don’t be afraid to combine bold colors with classic pieces. Great contrast can give your furniture the pop it needs.

This late 19th century secretary was once lost on a dark chocolate wall. We took a risk with a vibrant blue and were amazed at the way it brought out this piece as well as the other dark pieces in the room. Don’t fear color.

Cabinet Conundrum

I’ve been through a total kitchen remodel myself and the process is daunting to say the least. In earlier years, painting cabinets in lieu of replacing was tantamount to tackiness. Now, as colors and styles evolve, turning drab and outdated cabinetry into a bold statement to compliment your gastronomic activities is creative and downright affordable.
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Quiet Spots


Sometimes it’s good to stop and notice things you walk by everyday. When closing the curtains to keep the July sun out of my living room, the silhouette of the furniture and items caught my eye. The haphazard arrangement of the vase and mini cast iron train set reminded me of summer evenings spent playing on my grandmother’s porch.

Do you have a quiet spot in your home?

Affirmative Decor

Consider this: What if you were faced with this statement everyday when you walked into your living room? How would it change the way you feel about your space, or about your life for that matter? Using positive, affirmative thoughts as decor sets the tone like this home in South Africa has done. Click the image to see the whole house.